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Hot Water Pressure Washers Tips

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What do I need for food service cleaning jobs?

Using Hot Water Pressure Washers in Restaurant Contract Work

Starting a cleaning business? A hot water pressure washer with a surface cleaner accessory such as a Whirl-A-Way is perfect for restaurant floor cleaning. Before deciding to bid for the job, remember to order the right pressure washer chemicals needed cut through grease. This kind of clean-up requires a product such as the Mach 1 Degreaser. Used with a hot power washer, this compound will cut through the grime, and it's rated for restaurant use. Be careful to choose cleaners that specifically say they are safe for food service use. Another important detail is using the right mixture of degreaser and water depending on the configuration of your hot water pressure washer. You may find a one part degreaser, two parts water combination to be very effective, depending on the amount of grease.

What additional maintenance is necessary for a hot water pressure washer?

Maintenance Needs For Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot pressure washers have the same maintenance needs as any other fuel-burning machine. Drain the fuel and replace the oil anytime you store the hot power pressure washer for an extended period of time. Clean the fuel tanks, remove burner soot, and replace fuel lines annually. Burner soot build-up can reduce the life of your hot water pressure washer over time unless you take the time to properly remove it. A more frequent chore? Replacing the burner filter on your hot water pressure washer, which should be done monthly if you use it regularly. Just like a car, it's recommended to run high-quality fuel in your hot water pressure washer to avoid the buildup of sediments or deposits.

Which hot water power washer is right for my operation?

Which Hot Water Power Washer Is Right For My Job?

Hot pressure washers have so many applications that you may require different power for different jobs. Those in the market for hot water pressure washers should make "task-specific" purchases. Outdoor tasks for hot water pressure washers may require forklift support, and some jobs are better done with trailer-mounted models, especially "extended use" tasks. Smaller jobs won't require as much power, some jobs may require hotter water temperatures, and some will demand portability. Make a list of your washing needs before searching for a hot water power washer.

An electric hot water power washer is a good bet for indoor applications, as they are exhaust-free and there are no worries over carbon monoxide. Shop for an "electric-electric" model that has both an electric motor and electric hot water heating. There are a wide range of combinations of other types including electric motors with diesel heating, gas motors with diesel heating, and combination units. If you choose a fuel-fired hot water power washer for indoor use, it's vital to follow the instructions regarding proper venting of your unit. Failure to do so puts you in a legally liable situation, and you may be in violation of a wide range of safety regulations.

How do I use my hot water power washer to clean grout?

Using a Hot Water Pressure Washer to Clean Grout

If you have a grout cleaning job coming up, a hot water power washer with a rotary brush attachment can make the job go much faster. Apply a stripper to the grout and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then activate your hot water pressure washer and use the rotary brush attachment. Set the hot pressure washer between 800 and 1100 PSI and begin cleaning. If you are cleaning floor tile, try using a surface cleaner attachment for faster work. If you aren't using a surface cleaner or brush attachment to spray away the stripper, be sure to keep the water flow at the right distance to avoid damaging the grout or loosening tiles.

I'm a first-time hot water power washer buyer. Should I get a unit with vertical coils?

Vertical Coil Hot Water Pressure Washers

If you are looking for a hot water pressure washer, ask if it has vertical or horizontal heating coils. Vertical coils are usually found on lower cost hot power washers. If you are new to hot pressure washers, the long term value of a horizontal coil hot water pressure washer can outweigh the initial cost. Vertical coils can be problematic for those new to hot water pressure washers. When it rains, vertical coil hot pressure washers trap water at the base of the coil next to the burner. This can cause rusting and related complications. The burners are closer to the ground in a vertical coil hot water pressure washer, making it easier for them to be damaged under the wrong circumstances. Vertical coil hot water pressure washers also have problems with sagging coil insulation and clogged burners from dripping soot. These situations are less of a hassle for experienced hot water power washer users who can do preventive maintenance to fix these problems. Consider hot pressure washers with horizontal coils for a first-time pressure washer buy.

What is the advantage of using a diesel pressure washer over a gas powered version?

Diesel Pressure Washers

Gasoline powered pressure washers are suitable for many applications requiring a high PSI output. They are advantageous due to the mobility of the unit. If you need all day cleaning power, though, opt for a diesel unit. A diesel pressure washer can clean in the same environment as a gas powered pressure washer, but has the added benefit of a higher GPM water flow and increased PSI of cleaning power. These units are all day workhorses, capable of eight hours plus use per day.

What can I use for a facility that needs cleaning, but has tight spaces?

Cleaning for Tight Spaces

Some cleaning areas like fabrication, assembly, and shipping locations simply don't have the space to accommodate a bulky hot water pressure washer. Still, the need for heated cleaning is there. There is a solution. Look for a product that combines a compact package with enough water flow to cover your cleaning needs. One product on the market can squeeze through a 3-foot x 4-foot space and deliver over 2.5 GPM at 600 PSI at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The bonus feature is a steam cleaner. The dual capability of this type of unit provides enough punch to clean mud, dirt, and dust away from the building facility and equipment, while the steam will remove grease, oil, and disinfect.

How does hot pressure washing work?

Hot Pressure Washing - Why it works

Pressure and cleaning solutions combined make the pressure washing procedure a great time and effort saver. When you add hot water to the mix, you have an additional factor that speeds up the job and yields excellent results.

The reason heat makes such a difference is because it creates a fast abrasion effect. When this temperature combines with the detergent it creates and emulsion with the dirt and removes it more effectively. The pressure of the water then comes into action loosening the residue and carrying it away from the surface.

I don't need a hot pressure washer for long term. Can I rent one?

Rent It!

Do you need a hot water pressure washer on a temporary basis? If you're looking for short term use and don't want to take up storage space with a bulky piece of equipment, consider renting a unit for as long as you need it. Most companies allow you to have rentals by the day, week, or, month – so time constraints are flexible.

Hint - If you don't mind an older model and are looking for a deal, check around. Some rental companies offer used models for sale.

What's the difference between a hot water pressure washer and a steam cleaner?

Is it a Hot Water Pressure Washer or Steam Cleaner?

If you've been looking at pressure washers, you may have heard the name hot water pressure washer interchanged with a steam cleaner. However, there is a difference between the two.

A hot water pressure washer is capable of spraying water with 1000-5000 PSI of strength at a temperature of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be used for a range of tasks, but are very efficient at cutting through grease and oil. They never actually produce steam due constant water pressure during operation.

A steam cleaner will operate at a much lower water pressure – often 300 PSI at a temperature of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Like its name, this cleaner will actually produce steam. These cleaners are useful for tasks like disinfecting areas and melting ice.

When should I use a hot water pressure washer versus a cold water model?

When to Select a Hot Water Pressure Washer

Some cleaning situations require hot water pressure washers. A cold water pressure washer would just not be suitable for the job. If you're cleaning anything that requires you to cut through oil or grease, like automotive parts, use a hot water pressure washer. Hot water is efficient in removing oils while cold water would simply move it around.

I need a hot water pressure washer that's easily transportable. Is there a model suited for this?

Have Wheels, Will Travel

If you need cleaning power that you can take with you from job site to job site, hot water power washers are transportable. You need a hot water trailer pressure washer. You can simply hitch a model to the back of your vehicle and you've got a mobile unit you can take with you. Look for a range of models with single or dual axle trailers and road ready lighting for safety. Models come with or without electric brakes for added convenience and as a precaution against road hazards.

Is there a hot water pressure washer that's maneuverable?

Maneuverability in a Hot Water Pressure Washer

If you put maneuverability on your wish list for hot water pressure washers, you can get what you'd been hoping for. New models of hot water pressure washers are available on the market featuring a unique hand truck design and tubed pneumatic tires. These two features combined make a great unit that can make mobility smooth and easy. Expect to find models available with up to 3000 PSI of cleaning power and a flow rate of up to 4 GPM.

I am concerned about using a noisy hot water pressure washer indoors. What do you recommend?

Shhhh! Pressure Washers with Less Noise

The sound of pressure washers operating at full power doesn't have to be a problem in an indoor application. In environments where silence is golden, opt for pressure washers designed to emit less noise and vibration. A completely enclosed electric motor helps quiet down a model designed just for professionals who demand a quality product that is unobtrusive in an indoor environment.

What type of hot pressure washer should I use?

Types of Hot Pressure Washers

There is a wide variety of diesel, natural gas, and liquid propane hot water power washers to choose from.

They range from the most portable designs, cart mounted to the higher powered skid and trailer mounted pressure washers. Hot water pressure washers can range from 1000 PSI to 4000 PSI for pressure and from 2 GPM to 5.5 GPM for water volume category. Electric hot pressure washers are available in 120 and 230 volts.

I'm looking for a hot water pressure washer that can withstand harsh elements. What do you suggest?

A Hot Water Pressure Washer for the Elements

Some industries require work to take place in the outdoors. Your equipment endures exposure to the elements and that means you need products to be durable and weather resistant. If you're in search of a hot water pressure washer that can hold its own in the outdoors, look for a model on the market with a heavy-duty chassis design, built to withstand corrosion and heavy wear and tear. You can find models in a rugged epoxy powder coated finish on a steel body with the added bonus of heating coils with a stainless steel exterior.

How do I know if a hot water pressure washer is a quality product?

Looking for a Quality Hot Water Pressure Washer

If you're looking for a quality hot water pressure washer, make sure that the fuel and water tank, heat exchanger, and water pump are made to meet certain standards. Look for polyethylene construction in your fuel and water tank. Polyethylene does not rust and keeps the fuel pump from becoming contaminated. It's also an expandable material and won't leak fuel or water when the temperatures rise.

The heat exchanger should have stainless steel skins on the coil. This material means a rust free, durable product with a long shelf life. Also look for an upright burner for more efficient fuel consumption, translating into costs savings for your bottom line.

Your water pump should have large connecting rods. This feature translates into low load bearing force and increased durability. Also make sure the manufacturer of your pump is the same as the manufacturer of your pressure washer to maximize performance and quality control.

What are the uses for hot pressure washers?

Applications for Hot Pressure Washers

Some applications where hot water pressure washers can make a big difference in time savings and best results in cleaning:

* Construction sites
* Agricultural establishments
* Factory plants
* Heavy-duty jobs that require higher temperature to aid in the process.

Any job that involves the removal of oils, grease, gum or any type of petrochemicals should use hot water pressure washing equipment for speed and effectiveness.

Why should I use a hot pressure washer?

Benefits of Hot Pressure Washers

A cold water pressure washer is a great tool for a wide variety of jobs, but there are some cases in which a hot water units can make all the difference.

Just like you wouldn't wash your dishes or clean heavily soiled laundry with cold water, if you have a job that involves removing significant amounts of oil or grease or any other heat reactive substance, you need the additional factor of hot water to add to the pressure and cleaner combination.

A cold water unit is not designed to be used with hot water and can get damaged if attempted. A hot water pressure washer contains its own water heating and safety mechanism to produce the best results.

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