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Pressure Washer Accessories Tips

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What is a turbo nozzle good for?

Using A Turbo Nozzle

A turbo nozzle is a pressure washer attachment that focuses a tightly concentrated blast of water in the target area. The turbo nozzle should be considered an add-on to your pressure washer arsenal rather than the main tool as this pressure washer accessory is more fragile than other nozzles, and tends to wear out faster. A good application for a turbo nozzle? Cleaning driveways where weeds and sand are trapped in cracks in the pavement. If you plan on filling those cracks and repairing the surface, a turbo nozzle is an excellent tool to prep the driveway. Blast away the sand and plant debris, and the surface is ready for work. Once the turbo nozzle has done the job, you may discover the cracks in the pavement are larger than you first estimated! As with any pressure washer attachment, make sure the turbo nozzle is rated for your size pressure washer. Some turbo nozzles are designed for nozzle holder, but others are made for lance-style attachments. Know before you buy.

How do you know what the right accessories are?

Buying The Right Accessories

Whenever you are about to buy an accessory for your pressure washer system, ask yourself what you need to do with the washer. Be very specific about what you need and what you want to do. You want to be absolutely certain you are choosing the right parts before making a purchase.

If you are thinking of getting a 12-foot-long power washer extension wand, but you might have use for an 18-footer down the line, why not just get the 18 now and save time and money? Plan ahead and you can end up buying one accessory that will suit all your future needs instead of re-buying something in a larger size or higher capacity because the first one you bought is not enough any more.

This applies to nozzles, reels and pressure hoses, extension wands, brush attachments and more. If you are not sure about an item, try looking at some user reviews online. See what other people who bought the same accessory have to say about it and this will help steer you in the right direction toward the right product.

And if you notice the performance level on one of your accessories taking a dive, replace it sooner rather than later so you don't have to sit around waiting to complete a job because you don't have the right equipment available.

What could cause an injector that works fine without a nozzle to stop working once the soap nozzle is attached?

Soap Nozzle Maintenance.

If your chemical injector pressure washer attachment works fine without a nozzle, but stops working when the soap nozzle is attached, try checking the set screw that connects the nozzle to the injector. If you have made that adjustment to your pressure washer attachment and are still having difficulty, dismantle the soap nozzle, and check the spring and ball assembly inside. Sometimes left over soap or other build up can cause a blockage. You may also need a larger soap tip for your pressure washer attachment.

Can using pressure washer accessories void my warranty?

Pressure Washer Accessories And Your Warranty

The old phrase "let the buyer beware" is very applicable when buying pressure washer telescoping wands, cleaning heads, and other pressure washer accessories. Read your warranty information very carefully before choosing the wand for a pressure washer, as some manufacturers include clauses in the warranty rendering it void unless you use only parts made specifically for that make and model. If you buy "non-approved" pressure washer parts and something goes wrong, you may wind up eating the whole cost of the repair or replacement. For best results, follow the instructions in your warranty to the letter, even if the price is higher than you'd like. The alternative of a voided warranty is far more expensive.

What is a lance nozzle kit?

What Is A Lance Nozzle Kit?

A pressure washer lance nozzle kit is a pressure washer accessory to a turbo nozzle. It allows you to change the water flow from a pinpoint, high-pressure spray to a wider angle. You change the spray by twisting the end of the lance attachment. When the stream is in "pencil" mode, you get higher force from the water. When the water is fanned out, the pressure decreases but the area cleaned becomes wider. One very useful variation on this pressure washer attachment is the rotary jet lance, which takes the concentrated pencil-style jet, and rotates it in a circle to widen the cleaning area while keeping most of the force of the pencil jet. If you need a wand for a pressure washer, consider buying a lance nozzle kit and a turbo nozzle to enhance your cleaning abilities.

What are my cleaning head options?

What Are My Cleaning Head Options?

Pressure washer accessories include a variety of cleaning head options. Optional cleaning heads are often designed for specific jobs; a car wash cleaning head is self-rotating with a gallons-per-minute rating in a range between three and 16. A cleaning head for large containers will be greatly different. Many of them use motors to rotate the head, and have gallons-per-minute ratings ranging between three and 30. Your specific needs will dictate what kind of cleaning heads to buy. When you purchase, be sure to have your pressure washer's GPM and PSI ratings handy to make a quick comparison. If you are having cleaning heads custom-built you'll need to give some additional information including the size of the cleaning job and what materials will be cleaned off your surfaces.

Can I use any pressure washer cleaning solution for my cleaning needs?

One Size Doesn't Fit All

When selecting a pressure washer cleaning solution, make sure you choose the detergent that best fits the use. From deck cleaning to automotive parts, you can find the cleaner made specifically for your needs. Most residential use cleaners come in one-gallon containers and are available as pre-mixed or concentrate versions. For commercial use, five gallon containers and larger are common. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use to maximize your cleaning efficiency.

How do you maintain your washer during the winter?

Winter Maintenance

A must have accessory for anyone with a pressure washer that lives in and area with cold winters is the Winterize Package. This package contains the following items:

  • 1 quart pump oil
  • 1 - 6oz pump antifreeze solution
  • 2 packets Fuel Stabilizer Plus
The pump oil is specially formulated to combat rust and oxidation. It is recommended that it be changed after the first 50 hours of use and then roughly once every three months. It is only meant for use in pumps and not the engine itself.

The antifreeze is obviously used so your pressure washer does not turn into an ice box over the winter. The Fuel Stabilizer Plus keeps gasoline fresh and usable for up to 24 months. So if you have left over fuel that you won't be using for several months you do not have to dispose of it. It will be there waiting for you when you are ready.

This Winterize Package is an easy and efficient way of keeping up with maintenance during those cold winter months. Cleaning heads and other pressure washer attachments can be found at

Should I invest in a telescoping wand?

Pressure Washer Telescoping Wands

Pressure washer telescoping wands are great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas without a ladder. The wands are made in sections designed to be fitted together. The setup of these pressure washer telescoping wands depends on the amount of pressure the unit is rated to handle and the size of the hose. The additional length of the pressure washer attachments means you can experience a reduction in water pressure. One configuration allows a higher PSI by including fiberglass in the construction, but the added water volume and fiberglass adds weight to the unit. It takes some practice to get used to the additional weight. It's important to maintain control of the unit on the job, especially near windows that can break if you loose control of the power washer extension wand. When spraying with the pressure washer telescoping wand, you can find better control by balancing the pole using the force of the spray against the surface being cleaned. At the right distance, the balancing act is much easier. Get too close to the surface and you lose control of the balance.

I'm looking for a pressure pump that will last for a long time. What should I look for?

Long Lasting Pressure Pumps

If you're looking for durable pressure pumps, consider both the materials and the speed of the pump. Pressure pumps should have a brass pump head for durability. Avoid aluminum pump heads, as they tend to react with contaminants within the water. Look for stainless steel moving parts within a pump for both durability and strength. Also check the speed of the motor that drives the pump. A faster rotating pump like one that runs at high speeds and low torque does not tend to last as long.

What attachment can I use to increase the effectiveness of my cleaning power?

Increase Your Power with an Attachment

Looking for an attachment that will multiply your cleaning power on your pressure washer? Try a turbo nozzle attachment. This nifty pressure washer attachment rotates in a circular motion to crank out a jet stream between 5,000 to 9,000 RPM's of cleaning power. You can expect to increase your cleaning output by 50%.

Is there an attachment that is effective for spraying high areas?

Reach New Heights

For those areas high above ground, you need a pressure washer telescoping wand to make cleaning easier. Whether you're cleaning trucks, building exteriors, or signs, this adjustable attachment is available in a length that will meet your needs. If you're concerned about pressure loss, you will lose some water pressure, but the amount is limited. For instance, if the end of your spray gun is 30 feet above the outlet of your pressure washer, you'll lose 13 PSI. The convenience and safety of being able to operate your pressure washer on solid ground is well worth some minor pressure loss.

I need a little farther reach than I currently have with my pressure washer. What do you suggest?

Go the Extra Distance

If your need that little extra reach, get a power washer extension rod. This attachment is perfect for hard to reach applications like underneath automobiles and gutters overhead. Depending on the model you choose, this useful attachment comes with features like high and low pressure controls, pressure ranges up to 5000 PSI, and withstands temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there an optimal length for a pressure washer hose?

Limit the Hose Length

When selecting a pressure washer hose, especially one that is meant for high pressure use, length does matter. Limit your pressure washer hose purchase to one that is no longer than 100 feet in length. Any longer than that and you'll run into problems with decreased water pressure and difficulties with the detergent injection system.

Is there much of a difference between cheaper pressure washer cleaning solutions and more expensive ones?

Don't Skimp on the Pressure Washer Cleaning Solution

Though cheaper pressure washer cleaning solutions may save you money upfront, look for the long term if you're going to be using a great deal of detergent. A quality pressure washer cleaning solution is highly concentrated and will give you a high level of cleaning per use. Cheaper detergents can also leave lime and soap build-up on your washer pressure components, resulting in higher maintenance and parts replacement costs.

What attachment will make cleaning my deck easier?

Cut Through Dirt and Grime

If you've got a deck that has caked on dirt and grime, you need an extra boost to help you get the cleaning job done. Get a pressure washer attachment like a floor brush attachment. You'll find that this add-on accessory will make it much easier to penetrate through the dirt and get your deck looking brand new.

Can I use the same cleaner for most applications?

A Pressure Washer Cleaning Solution for Every Job

The pressure washing cleaning solution that you choose has a big impact on the cleaning performance of your pressure washer. Most manufacturers have cleaners that are approved for use with their equipment. Look for specially formulated chemicals geared for specific uses geared to meet your cleaning needs. Choose from cleaners for degreasing, concrete cleaners, deck cleaners, and vehicle cleaners. For those tough industrial applications, look for a powerful industrial cleaner designed to cut through everything from grease to tar and mildew stains.

Is there an advantage to the axial pump?

The Axial Pump

Radial axial pressure pumps are advantageous due to their straightforward, simplistic design. They are compact units and have a minimal amount of moving parts. One of the best pumps on the market is a radial axial pump made by a major manufacturer. This pump utilizes a gear reduction unit, which runs the pump at half its motor speed – 1750 RPM. The reduced RPM gives this pressure pump a long shelf life.

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