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Air pressure washer Tips

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What is an air blower good for?

After the Washing...

An air blower is the tool you see used after water damage to quickly dry out flooded areas. Air blowers are good additions to your BE pressure washer inventory. This handy little tool can help dry surfaces much faster once the washing job is done. Whether you have concerns about a slippery shop floor, or you just want to help the drying process along on a section of newly-washed fence, the air blower is a very good investment. Air blowers can also be used to help improve air circulation in other areas where pressure washers are often needed--auto body shops, aircraft hangers, etc.

What kind of cleaner should I use in my pressure washer?

What Kind of Cleaner?

Air pressure washers, BE pressure washers and other high pressure cleaning gear are designed to accept cleaning solution for use in high powered cleaning. But what to use? You could try your own formula, or a regular domestic-type cleaner, but why guess? It's much better to use a product specifically designed for your BE pressure washer. There are all-purpose cleaners created just for pressure washers, which include biodegradable products and grease cutters. If you can't locate these products on your own, ask your BE pressure washer rep to steer you in the right direction.

There are too many models out there! Which do I pick?

The Right Tools For The Right Job

If you are considering purchasing a BE pressure washer, or pressure washer pumps, you'll encounter a wide range of models to choose from. Intimidated by all those choices? If you aren't sure which type is best for you, don't hesitate to contact your BE pressure washer dealer and describe what you will be doing with your pressure washer pump. The customer service rep can guide you to the best model for your needs. It's better to get the expert advice up front. You don't want to learn that your intended use is too much for the "low-end" models designed for occasional at-home use. You'll save money by purchasing a pressure washer that's right for your needs, whether that savings comes from not having to return pressure washer pumps, or replace prematurely worn-out BE pressure washers that weren't designed for your needs.

What differences are there in air blower models?

Air Blowers--Which Angle?

An air blower comes in a variety of configurations--there are models that blow directly across the floor--the "zero degrees" model, versions that blow at an angle--"thirty degrees" models, and the "90 degrees" version that blow straight up at the ceiling. Each model has a different ideal use. The zero degree model is good for carpets, air circulation and other uses. The thirty degree version can be aimed at walls, aircraft, cars and other vehicles. The ninety degree version could be used to dry specific parts of aircraft, wet ceiling surfaces or racks that have been recently pressure washed. Many of these models are "fixed" at their aim, so choose carefully based on the use you intend to get out of the air blower.

Are there really consumer reports on pressure washer pumps?

Pressure Washer Pumps--Check Before You Buy!

Much like automobiles, pressure washer pumps are designed in different ways to meet different needs. You should check out consumer reports on pressure washer pumps in the same way as you would a new vehicle to make sure you are getting the right model for the right job. Believe it or not, there are consumer groups who review pressure washer pumps and other equipment! is one such website that features compiled reports from consumer magazines and groups on pressure washer pumps and a wide range of other equipment! Read before you buy!

What accessories are available for my pressure washer?

Accessorizing Your Pressure Washer

Your BE pressure washer comes with a wide range of optional accessories available for purchase. These BE pressure washer accessories include rotary nozzles and spray kits which can make the job much easier. Be careful in picking your accessory parts, make sure you choose the right model for the job you have in mind. Some BE pressure washer accessories are designed for light use, and others may be perfect for heavy "on-the-job" applications. Read over the product descriptions before you buy!

Will the air pressure washer work as an alternative to a gas-powered model?

The Air Pressure Washer

Sometimes you need to get a good pressure wash in an area where it's unsafe to use a gas or electric-powered pressure washer. This is where the air pressure washer comes in. This is a different kind of air blower altogether! Many models require a specific air pressure in order to work properly--check your product specs carefully. You'll find that an air pressure washer pump gives similar cleaning results but your results may vary depending on air pressure and volume. When you can't use a gas motor in such areas as chemical plants, refineries and other buildings with sensitive areas, the air pressure washer is a very handy tool to perform the same functions.

Where can I find more information about pressure washer pumps and related equipment?

Pressure Washer Publications? Yes!

It's true--there are plenty of websites and publications dedicated to helping people make informed purchases of equipment such as pressure washer pumps, air blowers and other equipment. In this day and age there are specialized publications for just about everything. All you need to do is conduct a Google search for the right kind of equipment you need--pressure washer pumps, for example--and you will locate a treasure trove of information. If you need more info before your pressure washer pump purchase, do a bit of online research first, you'll be glad you did.

What is "Auto Stop" on some models of pressure washer pumps?

"Auto Stop" Saves Wear and Tear

Your pressure washer pump can wear out prematurely in situations where the pump is left running but there is no pressure washing job ongoing. While this situation may only occur for a small amount of time per day, it does add up to days or months of unneccesary wear on your pressure washer pump. You can avoid this by purchasing a pressure washer system with an "auto stop" feature which will shut down the pressure washer pump motor after a certain period of time. These models really do last a lot longer than those without the auto stop function! It's a small feature that can save you plenty over the long haul.

Can I get replacement parts for my pressure washer?

Pressure Washer Pump Replacement Kits

Pressure washer pumps often feature optional replacement parts and repair kits to increase the lifetime of your gear. Some manufacturers even offer replacement charts to help you "connect the dots" when it comes to your pressure washer pumps and the proper replacement parts. You may wish to purchase a replacement kit or a set of replacement parts at the same time you buy pressure washer pumps so you can quickly change out worn parts when the time comes with little or no downtime in the operation of your pressure washer.

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