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The Air Pressure Washer

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Will the air pressure washer work as an alternative to a gas-powered model?

The Air Pressure Washer

Sometimes you need to get a good pressure wash in an area where it's unsafe to use a gas or electric-powered pressure washer. This is where the air pressure washer comes in. This is a different kind of air blower altogether! Many models require a specific air pressure in order to work properly--check your product specs carefully. You'll find that an air pressure washer pump gives similar cleaning results but your results may vary depending on air pressure and volume. When you can't use a gas motor in such areas as chemical plants, refineries and other buildings with sensitive areas, the air pressure washer is a very handy tool to perform the same functions.



6/26/2012 7:37:02 PM
Mike said:

Air drive pressure washers are becoming more and more popular for us


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