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Construction Cleaning with Power Washers Tips

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I'm a contractor who's considering purchasing a pressure washer. What do you recommend?

Pressure Washer Selection for the Construction Industry

If you're considering pressure washer selection for the construction industry, it's important to purchase a unit that meets your construction needs. If you're a contractor who typically handles smaller jobs and maintain a few pieces of equipment, you should do fine with a pressure washer capable of two to three GPM and up to 3,000 PSI. If you're a contractor with medium to large construction needs and you handle a lot of heavy equipment, purchase a pressure washer capable of at least four to five GPM at 2,000-3,000 PSI.

What is alternative media pressure washing?

The Use of Alternative Media in Pressure Washing

There are multiple applications for pressurewashers, and one that is gaining popularity is blasting with alternative media with or without water.

This procedure consists of cleaning by blasting particles of solid material on the surface. The material used varies from sodium bicarbonate (soda), to ground pecan shells, ice, ground corn cobs and gemstones! The harder materials are used for abrasive jobs whereas the softer media is used at lower pressures to clean less resilient surfaces.

Besides doing a great job of heavy cleaning such as paint stripping, using alternative media has a growing acceptance among environmentally aware users looking for applications for renewable materials.

How do I remove graffiti with a pressure washer?

How to Remove Graffiti with a Pressure Washer

Unfortunately the large blank surfaces of construction sites attract graffiti artists. Removing the graffiti can be time consuming and distract your crew from other jobs.

A hot water pressure washer combined with the appropriate power washing chemicals will cut the job time down and produce impeccable results.

*You will need an electric pressure washer or gas pressure washer of at least 300 psi and 4-5 GPM, coupled with a rotating nozzle for best results.
* Protect your eyes and skin and take the necessary precautions to prevent chemicals from entering the storm drains.
* Start power washing at low pressure from top to bottom using overlapping strokes.
* Wait a few minutes to let the chemicals act but do not let them dry on the surface.
* Rinse thoroughly after you are done.

How do I pressure wash masonry?

How to Pressure Wash Masonry

Cleaning masonry with a power washer can be a great time saver in a new construction clean up job. Remember the following tips when you are cleaning masonry and you'll be safe, while you do a great job.

1. Always follow the manufacturers instructions for operation and safety of the equipment.
2. Wear eye protection and appropriate clothing.
3. If you are working on a ladder or scaffold, take precautions to have a firm hold to counteract the back kick of the jet, and work in small areas, about 25 to 40 square feet at a time.
4. If available, a lift is recommended since it provides a safe enclosure and allows you to work the pressure washing equipment on larger areas.
5. Test a small area before starting and work from the bottom up, allowing a few minutes for the pressure washing chemicals to react.
6. Don't let the solution dry on the surface and rinse thoroughly from top to bottom.

Why use a pressure washer to clean up a construction site?

The Benefits of Pressure Washing in Construction Sites

To clean up or prepare a construction site after demolition, a power washer is an invaluable tool to make a seemingly impossible job turn into a quick and thorough procedure.

Because of the demands of construction site locations, the best suited pressure washing equipment will be a high-rated, durable and mobile units like trailer mounted pressure washers.

There are pressure washers specially designed to reach inaccessible places safely and run for long periods of time efficiently. Additionally, sand or other media can be combined with water to blast any surfaces that require a heavier cleaning procedure.

Large flat surfaces can best be tackled with a pressure washer surface cleaner, they are a huge time saver. Using the right equipment for the job will result in savings of replacement equipment and labor costs.

What type of pressure washer should I buy to clean a construction site?

Types of Equipment Available for Construction Pressure Washing

The main demands of a power washer in a construction site is its durability and portability. A trailer power washer can be quickly hooked up behind a truck or van and is ready to drive off to the construction site in minutes.

Additionally, these powerful models pack some useful features like an adjustable pressure valve, automatic engine shutoff, quick-change nozzles and a heavy duty wand for secure operation.

These heavy duty pressure washers can run for hours and provide the mobility and convenience that saves time and effort on heavy construction clean up jobs.

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