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Pressure Washing Interiors Tips

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Is it safe to use a pressure washer on an interior surface?

Safety Guidelines for Pressure Washing an Interior Space

When using a power washer in an interior space, safety precautions become paramount. Any power equipment to be used in restricted spaces requires planning and careful preparation. Follow the manufacturers instructions and wear goggles and appropriate clothing. Don't leave the power washer running when not in use since the running water cools the pump mechanism and letting it idle will cause overheating. Cover all electric outlets and remove any flammable or hazardous materials from the space.

How do I pressure wash an interior space?

How to Pressure Wash an Interior

When using your power washer indoors it is most important that you test the pressure first to avoid damaging the material or surface that you are power washing.

Spray nozzles come marked in degrees, zero is the most powerful. Test the least powerful (higher number) first and work your way up from there. Make sure that you set up a system to get rid of the water accumulation.

For smaller jobs, a wet shop vacuum should be sufficient. Remove soil by pre cleaning using a dry method first to reduce the amount of water usage.

For bigger jobs, make sure that you have an appropriate pump system in place and that you are in compliance with local regulations regarding disposal of wastewater into storm drains.

If you are planning on using your sewer connection to get rid of the water, check the recommended flow rate (usually not more than 20 gallons per minute).

Can I use a pressure washer on commercial cooking equipment?

Power Washing Cooking Equipment

Restaurants and fast food operations are increasing their use of electric pressure washers to maintain their kitchen exhaust systems and solid fuel cooking equipment.

There are dangerous elements involved in power washing commercial kitchen equipment. Solid fuels like charcoal or wood not only create the typical cooking residue of oil and grease, but also generate wood ash and creosote.

The build up is considerably greater than in traditional cooking equipment, and becomes a fire hazard. Always work with a fire extinguisher at hand (of the appropriate rating for grease).

Most power washing professionals recommend scraping off the majority of the build up before proceeding with the power washing. This type of pressure washing application requires a great deal of training and experience.

Can I use a pressure washer to clean a garage or service shop?

Pressure Washing a Garage or Service Shop

Looking for a good way to maintain your garage or automotive service shop? Here is how you pressure wash a garage.

Get a hot water pressure washer to effectively remove viscose residue from oil and grease. For an even more powerful and faster job, the alternative is to go for a liquid propane or natural gas powered hot water power washer.

Before you start pressure washing make sure to remove all flammable or hazardous materials, check that there is enough ventilation to run the engine and always leave an escape route clear in case of emergency.

If possible, get all the vehicles out before power washing or secure vehicles to prevent them from moving. Follow the safety precautions and manufacturers instructions and always rinse with plenty of hot water.

Don't forget to wear protective eyewear and clothing and wash the clothing after you are done, as well as any skin that came in contact with the backspray from the pressure washing equipment.

Can I use a pressure washer indoors?

Precautions Before Pressure Washing an Interior

A pressure washer is a powerful tool and as such should be handled with care. Interior applications can range from removing mildew to preparing surfaces for painting or cleaning indoor swimming pools but in all cases you must know the limitations both of your power washing equipment as well as the limitations of the materials you are going to power wash. Tell yourpower washer supplier what type of job you need to tackle and get his recommendation on the equipment that is most suitable for the job. Keep in mind that diesel and gas powered power washers are not intended to be used indoors.

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