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How to Pressure Wash an Interior

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How do I pressure wash an interior space?

How to Pressure Wash an Interior

When using your power washer indoors it is most important that you test the pressure first to avoid damaging the material or surface that you are power washing.

Spray nozzles come marked in degrees, zero is the most powerful. Test the least powerful (higher number) first and work your way up from there. Make sure that you set up a system to get rid of the water accumulation.

For smaller jobs, a wet shop vacuum should be sufficient. Remove soil by pre cleaning using a dry method first to reduce the amount of water usage.

For bigger jobs, make sure that you have an appropriate pump system in place and that you are in compliance with local regulations regarding disposal of wastewater into storm drains.

If you are planning on using your sewer connection to get rid of the water, check the recommended flow rate (usually not more than 20 gallons per minute).



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