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Pressure Washer Review Tips

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What is a cool drive power washer?

Cool Drive Pressure Washer

Honda pressure washers are state of the art cold water pressuer washing units.

They are said to last over 25% longer than previous models. The reason for this is that it has a cooling system that reduces heat build up.

Honda pressure washers come in all strengths, but the newer models are a powerful 3500 psi to 4.0 GPM and 13 HP. They weigh 230 lbs and have some good safety features and convenient flat-free foam tires. The medium price range is appealing and a good price for a gas powered pressure washer. When you factor in the added longevity, Honda is one of the best priced units available.

What is a good concrete pressure washer?

Flat Surface Pressure Washer

If you are looking for a basic unit with which to get started in a small pressure washing business, or for your own industrial applications, you have several options.

One of the most popular is the 16” Whirl-A-Way pressure washer. This is considered an entry level, inexpensive unit that reaches a maximum pressure of 4000 psu and 8GPM flow.

It is lightweight at 26 pounds and easy to use, like a walk behind lawn mower. This flat surface pressure washer does a great job of cleaning concrete and is surprisingly versatile for a machine under $300 – great bang for the buck.

What is a good hot water pressure washer?

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot Water pressure washers are perfect for many applications, including industrial kitchen cleaning and automive applications because they heat up grease and oil making them easier to remove.

The 300QB Diesel hot water power washer is a powerful machine with a Vanguard engine and reaches 3000 psi and 4GPM.

It is popular in agricultural applications as a high rated machine that is inexpensive to run and very durable. There is no electricity required to operate this pressure washer, which allows for great independence and mobility. It also has a wide selection of smart optional accessories.

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