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Park and Recreation Pressure Washers Tips

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How do I pressure wash a swimming pool?

How to Pressure Wash a Swimming Pool

After the winter season, particularly if the winterization was not entirely effective, a swimming pool develops algae that turn the water into a “black pit”.

A pressure washer combined with the appropriate pressure washing cleaning solution is a great aid to remove the algae and other grime from the bottom and sides of the pool to return it to its usable condition.

To really do this the right way, you should use a pressure washer while you are emptying the pool at the end of the season because and then cover the pool with a tarp or appropriate pool cover.

When you are ready to re-open the pool, remove any lose items around the edges such as planters or ornaments or any debris that could become projectiles when pushed by the pressurized jet.

Pressure wash the pool using an extension wand and perhaps some brushes for any hard to remove dirt. Rinse the pool thoroughly with plenty of water before refilling.

How do I pressure wash a tennis court?

How to Pressure Wash a Tennis Court

A pressure washer surface cleaner is probably the best tool for this job.

First prepare to power wash the tennis court by removing any debris (leaves, balls, and any object that is big enough to pick up by hand).

Secure or remove any object that could be pushed by the pressure of the jet such as trashcans, counters, or plastic chairs. Anything that is lightweight and can become a projectile should be taken out.

A pressure of 2000-2600 psi should be plenty to clean dirt and any mold that took hold on the surface. This will not only result in a safer court but will also save long term resurfacing costs by extending the life of the surface.

You may want to consider a pressure washer trailer or a trailer mounted pressure washer depending on how many courts you have in your facility.

How do I pressure wash a parking lot?

How to Clean Paved Lanes and Parking Lots

Overflowing garbage cans after a busy day in the park can create a mess of garbage and debris flying all over. A pressure washer is a great way to round up the litter into one spot to speed up the cleaning job.

Additionally, once the debris is rounded up and removed, a power washer will remove bird dropings, spills, pet waste and a multitude of other messy substances - even chewing gum stuck on the pavement!

Make sure there are no people around when you are operating the pressure washer as these small objects may become airborne and cause injury.

Is a pressure washer useful for park and recreation applications?

Pressure Washing Uses in Park and Recreation

Pressure washers are a popular tool in a number of park and recreation cleaning uses. They cut the cleaning time down considerably and result in a better looking job.

For park services, reducing the cleaning time means savings in labor costs. Power washers are extensively used to clean playgrounds, concrete pathways, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and many other surfaces. Check with your equipment supplier for an appropriate pressure washer selection guide to identify the type of pressure washer that suits your particular application.

Consider what you need your pressure washer for and also how much ground you need to cover. A trailer mounted pressure washer might be just the thing for you. You should also consider your fuel source - electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers are available. Finally, assess whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer - each is highly effective, but not always for the same application!

What are the safety precautions in a public area?

Safety Guidelines for Pressure Washing in a Park and Recreation Setting

When using a pressure washer in public areas there are a few power washer safety precautions to take into consideration.

1. For your personal protection always wear goggles and appropriate clothing.
2. Make sure there are no people, children or pets in the area as the pressurized jet could cause injury.
3. Remove any large debris or lose object that could become airborne when pushed by the water jet.
4. When washing playground equipment avoid pressure washing arsenic treated wood or any lead paint or asbestos surfaces. When in doubt, check with your local health department for instructions on how to best handle these materials.

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