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How to Clean Paved Lanes and Parking Lots

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How do I pressure wash a parking lot?

How to Clean Paved Lanes and Parking Lots

Overflowing garbage cans after a busy day in the park can create a mess of garbage and debris flying all over. A pressure washer is a great way to round up the litter into one spot to speed up the cleaning job.

Additionally, once the debris is rounded up and removed, a power washer will remove bird dropings, spills, pet waste and a multitude of other messy substances - even chewing gum stuck on the pavement!

Make sure there are no people around when you are operating the pressure washer as these small objects may become airborne and cause injury.



2/27/2008 12:26:17 PM
Mark said:

Another reason a gas powered machine won,t start is back pressure, have someone pull back on the trigger and while the water is flowing start the machine. This also insures you are flowing water so you don,t run the pump dry.


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