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Pressure Washing Uses in Park and Recreation

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Is a pressure washer useful for park and recreation applications?

Pressure Washing Uses in Park and Recreation

Pressure washers are a popular tool in a number of park and recreation cleaning uses. They cut the cleaning time down considerably and result in a better looking job.

For park services, reducing the cleaning time means savings in labor costs. Power washers are extensively used to clean playgrounds, concrete pathways, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and many other surfaces. Check with your equipment supplier for an appropriate pressure washer selection guide to identify the type of pressure washer that suits your particular application.

Consider what you need your pressure washer for and also how much ground you need to cover. A trailer mounted pressure washer might be just the thing for you. You should also consider your fuel source - electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers are available. Finally, assess whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer - each is highly effective, but not always for the same application!



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