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What do you do about surging pressure or drop in pressure?

Surge or Drop In Pressure

If you experience constant surging or a drop in the pressure from your cold water pressure washer, it most likely has something to do with a blockage. This means that there is something partially blocking the spray coming from the nozzle, an obstruction in the hose, or possibly a damaged hose or valve.

Start by removing and inspecting the nozzle. Make sure it is clear and there is nothing present that might clog it and impede the flow of water. If the nozzle is worn it might be necessary to replace it. Check for soap or solvent build-up as well.

If all appears to be fine, move on to the hose. Check the inlet hose and filter to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced. Do the same for the discharge valves and valve spring. More than likely the problem you are having with the drop in pressure is due to a simple obstruction or worn nozzle or hose. If after cleaning and/or replacing these parts you still experience this problem, contact the manufacturer and ask them for assistance.

Can surface cleaners help me take on more business?

Surface Cleaners & Your Business

Surface cleaners can come in at anywhere between 8 inches and 38 inches in diameter. The versatility alone is one of the most impressive aspects of these devices. The larger sizes being perfect for practically any contractor use. They are ideal for cleaning driveways and getting rid of irritating grease or oil stains in cement. But they can just as easily be used to remove algae and fuel residue from the hull of a boat, or clean both basketball courts and bathrooms alike.

The use of washer surface cleaners lowers the cost of labor substantially, since the jobs get done so much quicker than they would without surface cleaners. Whether you have a job that requires hot or cold water, surface cleaners can get it done.

So when starting a business, surface cleaners can help you keep costs down and profits high by limiting the labor costs and maximizing your efficiency. By being able to cover more ground in less time than you would with a traditional wand, you can double or even triple the jobs that you can take on.

From cleaning parking lots to saunas and restaurants, you'll be able to maintain a variety of business with time and energy to spare.

Why use a water containment system?

Why Use A Water Containment System?

There are two main reasons why someone would want to use a water containment system. The first and most altruistic of the two is that it helps to protect the environment. What these systems allow you to do is properly dispose of chemical waste and stop it from entering the water supply via the sewage system or the soil in your neighborhood. You can do your part to keep Mother Earth healthy.

Through the use of water recovery systems we can prevent pollution while still enjoying all the benefits that come from using pressure washers.

The second reason why water recovery systems are a good idea is a little more selfish, but it still applies. That reason is of a legal nature. There are city, state and federal laws pertaining to the proper prevention of pollution and disposal of waste. If you allow chemical waste to enter the water supply and surrounding areas of you neighborhood, you could be legally held responsible.

These are two glaring reasons why more people should be using water recovery systems every single day.

Can you lease a trailer pressure washer?

Leasing a Trailer Pressure Washer

If you want to lease a pressure washer there are a few things to consider. First of all do you have an existing business that has been active for at least 2 years. The reason why you would need an existing business of 2 years or more is to qualify for the lease. Most leasing companies have a team of underwriters that look for certain things when qualifying you for there lease program. Time in business and your credit score are the two biggest things that they will look at. Understand that when you lease equipment there generally is no early buy out. So if you want to pay it off you will need to come up with the funds of the whole lease. Thats right no break for paying it off. On the other hand there are some great tax benefits to having a lease. Often times you can write off the whole lease on your taxes. One thing I tell people is that generally you can make your lease payment in a day. This gives you the freedom to make money for yourself the rest of the month.

What is a trailer mounted pressure washer?

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Do you own a boat that is in desperate need of a cleaning? Are you having trouble getting a pressure washer down to the boat to get the job done? That is what trailer mounted pressure washers are for. Now you can drive down to the lake or ocean with your trailer pressure washer in tow and get that boat looking spotless.

These trailers from sport 14-inch wheels that are ready for the road from the start. Hitch the trailer on to the back of your truck or van and you are on the road in no time with a nice clean boat waiting on the horizon. Trailer mounted pressure washers attach easily to your vehicle without leaving any scratches or dents. They also come loaded with the same features as their counterparts without the trailer hitch and wheels.

Whether you need cold or hot water pressure washer trailers, has an extensive selection along with all the possible accessories that you might need in any given situation.

How do you know what the right accessories are?

Buying The Right Accessories

Whenever you are about to buy an accessory for your pressure washer system, ask yourself what you need to do with the washer. Be very specific about what you need and what you want to do. You want to be absolutely certain you are choosing the right parts before making a purchase.

If you are thinking of getting a 12-foot-long power washer extension wand, but you might have use for an 18-footer down the line, why not just get the 18 now and save time and money? Plan ahead and you can end up buying one accessory that will suit all your future needs instead of re-buying something in a larger size or higher capacity because the first one you bought is not enough any more.

This applies to nozzles, reels and pressure hoses, extension wands, brush attachments and more. If you are not sure about an item, try looking at some user reviews online. See what other people who bought the same accessory have to say about it and this will help steer you in the right direction toward the right product.

And if you notice the performance level on one of your accessories taking a dive, replace it sooner rather than later so you don't have to sit around waiting to complete a job because you don't have the right equipment available.

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