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Cold Water Pressure Washer Tips

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I'm concerned about rust occurring on a cold water pressure washer. Do you have any suggestions for an appropriate model?

Cold Water Pressure Washer for Coastal Areas

In commercial industries near the ocean where salt water can cause corrosion, it pays to find equipment that is resistant to the elements. If you're looking for a cold water pressure washer that can withstand salt water like the best of them, try a model with an aluminum frame. You'll find that an additional advantage of a lightweight unit is easier maneuverability.

What's the advantage of a cold water pressure washer over a garden hose?

Benefits of a Cold Water Pressure Washer

If you've been on the fence about cold water pressure washers, consider taking a closer look. There are advantages to a cold water pressure washer over your regular garden hose that make this a worthwhile product.

• Add a rotary nozzle to your high pressure washer and you can create an effective sandblaster that is safer for the environment and less hazardous to use.

• You'll use less water with a cold water pressure unit and this means water conservation.

• Cold water power washers can clean faster. The bottom line means savings in time and labor for your business or home.

Is there a way to add heat to my cold water pressure washer?

Turn your Cold Water Pressure Washer into a Heated Unit

Perhaps you already own a cold water pressure washer, but now you are considering a hot water pressure model instead to meet your current needs. Now, there is a way to keep your existing cold water pressure washer and still have heat. Now available on the market is a state-of-the-art natural gas heater module. It is a simple and efficient way to add heat to your existing equipment. Expect to find a model that runs on 120 V or 240 V single-phase power and is forklift accessible.

How do I decide the best model of cold water pressure washer for me?

Getting the Right Cold Water Pressure Washer

With the number of models on the market, it can be difficult to select the right cold water pressure washer to suit your needs. To make your purchasing decision a little easier, follow these guidelines:

• Consider what you will be using the washer for. Cold water pressure washers are suitable for anything from clearing soiled areas to stripping paint.
• Decide where you will be using your unit. Many cold water pressure washers will come with wheels if portability is a problem. In indoor applications, you can use an electrical model for light to heavy duty cleaning jobs. For increased mobility, use a gasoline powered model that is suited for large areas without electrical access.
• Consider the length of time your cold water pressure washer will be in use. For limited usage, a less expensive model with will be sufficient for your needs. For frequent cleaning, you should select a commercial grade model that will sustain hours of use.

What should I look for if I'm renting a cold water pressure washer?

Rent a Cold Water Power Washer

If you have short-term needs for cold water pressure washers, consider renting rather than buying. Remember to shop around first for a company that matches your cleaning needs. Customer service and available models of cold water power washers will vary from place to place. If you're cleaning your residence, you'll find an electric model or gas model in the 2,000 PSI range will suit your needs. If you're a small contractor, a gas-powered unit capable of 2,500-3,000 PSI should cover your bases. An industrial strength model will output anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 PSI at a rate of 3.5 to 5 GPM.

Are cold water power washers appropriate for industrial use?

Cold Water Power Washer for Industrial Cleaning

Certain cleaning needs call for a cold water power washer. Models capable of up to 5000 PSI pack enough punch to clean ship hulls, strip rust from metal, remove asbestos from ceilings, and blast concrete from steel framing. Look for a model that combines high pressure with a high flow of gallons per minute (GPM). One model available on the market is capable of dishing out 4.5 GPM.

Why should I pressure wash with cold water?

Advantages of Cold Water Pressure Washers

Less expensive and lighter, cold-water power washers can be used successfully for many different types of cleaning jobs.

Using the correct PSI (pressure of the water), GPM (flow of the water), soaps and pressure washer attachments will always ensure the quickest clean with the least amount of operator effort.

To maximize the cleaning effectiveness of cold-water machines it is strongly recommended that you add a rotary cleaning nozzle to the process. This will effectively double the cleaning impact of the power washer saving you both time and money.

Can hot water be run through my cold water pressure washer?

Cold Water Pressure Washer in Hot Water

Although cold water pressure washers are named so for their use with cold water, the name is somewhat misleading. You can pipe warm water through your cold water pressure heater. However, you are typically limited to the temperature which runs through your tap water pipes – 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Always check with the manufacturer specifications for the maximum temperature you can safely run through your unit.

Can I make my stationary cold water pressure washer more mobile?

Mobilize Your Stationary Cold Water Pressure Washer

If you have an older model stationary cold water pressure washer and are contemplating an upgrade for portability reasons, check the market first for a compatible accessory that will make your unit mobile. Stainless steel cart add-ons are available to make your cleaning job easier. The carts often come with additional storage for cleaners and a hose reel for added convenience.

Is there a cold water pressure washer that is easily transportable?

Cold Water Trailer Pressure Washer

If you'll be moving your cold water pressure washer from location to location, you may need a cold water trailer pressure washer. These units are great for mobility needs in an outdoor setting. Hitch a unit to the back of your vehicle and you're ready to roll. Whether you need to cover smaller jobs or have larger ones, there are models configured to meet your needs. For jobs where it would be convenient to have two operators, get a model with dual user capability to make cleaning jobs even easier.

What can I use my cold water pressure washer for?

Residential Cold Water Pressure Washers

For residential use of less than 100 hours per year, a good choice is an electric cold water pressure washer. These models are easy to operate and inexpensive. You can use your cold water pressure washer combined with appropriate cleaning solutions to get rid of dirt, mold and fungus from the driveway, patio, fence, deck, siding, gutters and even wash your car.

What should I look for in a cold water power washer suitable for indoor applications?

Indoor Applications

To tackle indoor applications, consider a cold water power washer designed to work within the interior environment. Look for an electric model with pneumatic tires for ease of movement, dual rubber isolators for quieter noise and less vibration, and an extended power cord to make reaching areas easier. For more permanent use, you can find a power washer that has wall mountability which you can hard plumb to your existing water lines for convenience.

I'm concerned about the possibility of damage to a cold pressure washer. Do you have any suggestions?

Cold Water Pressure Washers Made Tough

A cold water pressure washer is essential for certain industries like trucking, shipping, and agriculture. The nature of work in these industries also means that hazards may pose a problem to your equipment. For added protection, you can find models on the market with a protective roll cage to keep your unit from unnecessary damage. The best part is, if you need the power, you won't have to skimp. Available units have cleaning power up to 5,000 PSI water pressure up to 4.5 GPM.

What is the best cleaning solution to power wash with cold water?

Choosing the Right Cleaner for Cold Water Pressure Washing

To maximize the cleaning effectiveness of cold-water pressure washers it is very important to use the proper pressure washer chemicals to break the bond of the undesirable substance with the surface to be cleaned. There are special cleaning solutions suitable to every application.

When in doubt, consult your cleaning chemical supplier for advise on the most effective cleaning solution for your particular cleaning job.

When should I use an industrial or commercial cold water pressure washer?

Industrial and Commercial Cold Water Pressure Washers

There is a very extensive line of cold-water power washers that varies in pressure from 2000-5000 psi and 2.3 to 5 GPM. Commercial and industrial applications such as pressure washing services, garages, services shops, agricultural establishments and construction companies use these models every day to great results. Electric units are lighter and adaptable to many uses, whereas gas or diesel powered units offer a higher power rating and degree of portability and durability.

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