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Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers Tips

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What happens when I need a replacement tire for my trailer mounted pressure washer?

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer Tire Changing

Trailer pressure washers have the tire issues that any vehicle does, and at some point you will need to change a tire, or replace the set. When replacing trailer tires, your replacements need to be rated for the maximum load the trailer is able to hold. If you have overloaded tires carrying a trailer mounted pressure washer, you will eventually bend an axle or experience tire failure. Once you have the right tires selected for the trailer, loosen, but don't completely unscrew the lug nuts or screws holding the tire in place. Then elevate the trailer and change one tire at a time by completely removing the lug nuts or screws, putting on the new tire, tightening the bolts, and lowering the trailer. Changing trailer pressure washer tires includes tightening the bolts once more after the entire job is finished. Never trust the tightened bolts unless you have re-tightened them once all four wheels are firmly on the ground.

What should I keep in mind when maintaining my trailer mounted pressure washer?

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer Maintenance

If you need to repair or do maintenance on a trailer pressure washer, it is very important to keep the pressure washer engine surface free from fuel and oil, especially when the engine is hot. This prevents a fire hazard, and health problems associated with fumes from smoldering oil. Disconnect the trailer pressure washer spark plug and keep the heavy-duty wire clear of the plug during maintenance. Be sure you are properly grounded, when dealing with fuel or oil. A metal trailer can conduct electricity and create a spark which can ignite gas fumes. Standing on a rubber mat while doing your maintenance around the trailer can help prevent a spark from static electricity discharge. If you need to refill the trailer pressure washer's engine after maintenance, fill it in a well-ventilated area and do not overfill the tank.

How important are the tires on a trailer mounted pressure washer?

Trailer Pressure Washer Tires

Tires are an important feature to examine before buying a trailer pressure washer. If the trailer tires do not roll easily or aren't well lubed, you may have difficulty transporting your trailer mounted pressure washer. Portability is the number one reason to buy a trailer pressure washer in the first place, so if the tires and support chassis are iffy, you will wind up feeling cheated because of transportation issues. A separate problem with trailer pressure washers is weight distribution over the length of the trailer. Never buy a top-heavy unit if you plan on moving the trailer frequently. A top-heavy unit can be dangerous to transport, especially when taking corners. The tires may hold up, but the weight of a top-heavy unit can cause the tires to leave the pavement, a major transportation safety problem.

Does my trailer pressure washer warranty cover the engine?

What Should I Know About My Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer Warranty?

A trailer pressure washer has several separate components that may be covered under different warranties. Be sure to ask your dealer whether the trailer, hot water pressure washer and the trailer mounted pressure washer engine are handled by the same warranty or guarantee. You may discover that the engine is a completely different issue from the rest of your pressure washer and may require using a different service center for engine issues. Be sure you know what the exact terms of your warranty are before you encounter problems with your unit. You could spare yourself the hassle of a trip to an authorized repair center that handles all aspects of your trailer pressure washer except the engine.

Can I save money by mounting a larger pressure washer unit on a smaller trailer?

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer Options

When buying a trailer mounted pressure washer, there are many options to consider besides the size, power and durability of the hot water pressure washer system itself. For example, trailer options include 13-inch or 15-inch tire sizes, 12-volt or 24-volt trailer lights, electric or hydraulic brakes, and much more. Don't be surprised at more expensive options with larger and heavier trailer mounted pressure washers. Heavier units may require a particular braking system, and you may need a trailer hitch option customized for your vehicle. In cases like these, the additional expense is worth the investment. You may be tempted to go with a more lightweight, single axle solution, but if pressure washer needs dictate a more powerful unit, don't skimp on the size and power. You can't coax additional cleaning performance out of a smaller unit, and you should never put a large unit on a smaller trailer not rated to handle the load.

What is a trailer mounted pressure washer?

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Do you own a boat that is in desperate need of a cleaning? Are you having trouble getting a pressure washer down to the boat to get the job done? That is what trailer mounted pressure washers are for. Now you can drive down to the lake or ocean with your trailer pressure washer in tow and get that boat looking spotless.

These trailers from sport 14-inch wheels that are ready for the road from the start. Hitch the trailer on to the back of your truck or van and you are on the road in no time with a nice clean boat waiting on the horizon. Trailer mounted pressure washers attach easily to your vehicle without leaving any scratches or dents. They also come loaded with the same features as their counterparts without the trailer hitch and wheels.

Whether you need cold or hot water pressure washer trailers, has an extensive selection along with all the possible accessories that you might need in any given situation.

I need to transport a pressure unit from job site to job site. What type of pressure washer should I look at?

Trailer Power Washers

Where outdoor use and mobility are key, look at trailer power washers to solve your cleaning needs. Simply hitch the trailer of these pressure washers to the rear of a truck or van and you can transport it to the job site or wherever you need to use it. These models come with road ready lighting for safety and all the usual features you would expect to find in a pressure washer. They come in both cold water units and hot water units, with cleaning power up to 5,000 PSI at 5 GPM.

Can you lease a trailer pressure washer?

Leasing a Trailer Pressure Washer

If you want to lease a pressure washer there are a few things to consider. First of all do you have an existing business that has been active for at least 2 years. The reason why you would need an existing business of 2 years or more is to qualify for the lease. Most leasing companies have a team of underwriters that look for certain things when qualifying you for there lease program. Time in business and your credit score are the two biggest things that they will look at. Understand that when you lease equipment there generally is no early buy out. So if you want to pay it off you will need to come up with the funds of the whole lease. Thats right no break for paying it off. On the other hand there are some great tax benefits to having a lease. Often times you can write off the whole lease on your taxes. One thing I tell people is that generally you can make your lease payment in a day. This gives you the freedom to make money for yourself the rest of the month.

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