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Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer Maintenance

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What should I keep in mind when maintaining my trailer mounted pressure washer?

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer Maintenance

If you need to repair or do maintenance on a trailer pressure washer, it is very important to keep the pressure washer engine surface free from fuel and oil, especially when the engine is hot. This prevents a fire hazard, and health problems associated with fumes from smoldering oil. Disconnect the trailer pressure washer spark plug and keep the heavy-duty wire clear of the plug during maintenance. Be sure you are properly grounded, when dealing with fuel or oil. A metal trailer can conduct electricity and create a spark which can ignite gas fumes. Standing on a rubber mat while doing your maintenance around the trailer can help prevent a spark from static electricity discharge. If you need to refill the trailer pressure washer's engine after maintenance, fill it in a well-ventilated area and do not overfill the tank.



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