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Trailer Pressure Washer Tires

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How important are the tires on a trailer mounted pressure washer?

Trailer Pressure Washer Tires

Tires are an important feature to examine before buying a trailer pressure washer. If the trailer tires do not roll easily or aren't well lubed, you may have difficulty transporting your trailer mounted pressure washer. Portability is the number one reason to buy a trailer pressure washer in the first place, so if the tires and support chassis are iffy, you will wind up feeling cheated because of transportation issues. A separate problem with trailer pressure washers is weight distribution over the length of the trailer. Never buy a top-heavy unit if you plan on moving the trailer frequently. A top-heavy unit can be dangerous to transport, especially when taking corners. The tires may hold up, but the weight of a top-heavy unit can cause the tires to leave the pavement, a major transportation safety problem.



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