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Power Washing Restaurants Tips

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How can I prevent flash fires in my restaurant?

Where There's Grease, There's Fire

Nothing can put diners off their feed like a 3-alarm grease fire in the restaurant's exhaust duct system. To ensure that the restaurant stays intact and in business, greasy build-up from char-broiling meat and fish and other delicacies needs to be removed regularly.

This can be done the old-fashioned way using buckets of harsh cleaners, rubber gloves, lots of elbow grease and millions of man-hours. Or, the restaurant can invest in a pressure washer or hire a pressure washer contractor to get this important job done.

What areas of a restaurant should be pressure-washed?

Clean as a Whistle Inside and Out

In the restaurant biz, cleanliness is pivotal to keeping and attracting customers and staying on the right side of the health department. That's why it is so important for eating establishments to pressure wash both the exterior and interior elements of their business on a regular basis.

* Start inside by using your pressure washer to give the kitchen hood, duct, and filters and fans a good cleaning. This will allow for better exhaust and ensure against flash fires.
* Augment your daily mopping at day's end by pressure washing the floor.

By using a pressure washer in these two areas you will get rid of excess grease that was otherwise missed using other methods.

Why would I want to pressure-wash the outside areas of my restaurant?

Pressure Washing a Restaurant's Outside Areas

As all savvy marketing types know, people frequently buy with their eyes. That's why it is important to keep the exterior of your restaurant as pristine and inviting as possible.

Pressure washing your parking lot and sidewalks to clean oil spills, grease, excess dirt, chewing gum and other debris is a great way to make that first impression a good one.

Set your washer for 2600 and go at it. Be sure not to neglect your outdoor seating area, if you have one. For extra greasy areas, be sure to presoak the area. You may need to up the pressure to blow away chewing gum.

And don't forget to clean your dumpster pad area regularly. Spills and caked food on and around the dumpster can attract the kind of varmints and vermin that could drive potential business into your cleaner competitors.

What are the benefits of pressure-washing my restaurant's sign??

Clean Sign, Clean Restaurant

Your restaurant's sign is your calling card, your smile and shoeshine, so to speak. Naturally, the better it looks, the more likely potential diners will be to give you a try.

So, when you are pressure-washing your exterior area, always remember to hit your sign with a quick squirt to keep it looking like new. If the sign is a hard to reach, you'll have to use a telescoping wand, which can go as high as 24'.

Who knows? Maybe you'll attract some hungry folks wanting to come in and check out your menu (which you don't usually need to pressure wash.).

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