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Residential Pressure Washer Services Tips

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What should I ask my pressure washing service?

Questions to Ask your Pressure Washing Service Provider

When you are ready to hire a professional pressure washing service, you should know what to look for and what to ask to ensure that they are reputable.

1. A professional power washing service should be able to produce proof of their license.
2. Ask them if they are in compliance with EPA and local regulations.
3. Ask them for references from other customers.
4. You can also check with a professional association such as Power Washers of North America ( if in doubt about their qualifications.

Ask questions until you are satisfied. Check that they have the right pressure washing equipment for your job. An untrained or inexperienced power washer operator can cause damage to your house and property.

Also, beware of cheap contractors. If a contractor is offering a price that is much lower than their competition it may be that they are inexperienced or unlicensed and they are trying to compensate with a lower dollar figure. In some cases this may end up in a nightmare of incomplete jobs or costly damage. Buyer beware!

Why not pressure wash myself instead of hiring a service?

Good Reasons to Hire a Residential Pressure Washing Service

Some homeowners find that investing in hiring a professional to do their pressure washing jobs saves them time and guarantees that the job will be done correctly.

Additionally, in some areas, environmental regulations regarding the capture and disposal of the water used in pressure washing makes it complicated to do with the equipment available at home. Some homeowners find that their mobility or health is not what is used to be, and having a pressure washing service come over and do the heavy cleaning for them allows them to enjoy a home they can be proud of.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much time it save you and also at how many uses you find for your trusted pressure washing professionals. Around the house you can use a pressure washing service to clean your driveway, patio, fence, deck, wash your car and even maintain your roof and gutters. Jobs that you used to dread will now be done as if by magic!

Why use a pressure washing service?

The Benefits of Residential Pressure Washing

Your house is not only one of your biggest investments but also the place that you get to enjoy every day. Maintaining it in the best possible condition not only protects its value but also saves you money in replacement costs of materials such as siding, roofing, decks, etc.

House pressure washing extends the life of your home beyond what regular washing with a water house could ever achieve. The pressure of the jet combined with the pressure washer chemicals act to break the bond between the grime and dirt and the surface material, to restore surfaces to “as new” condition.

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