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Transportation and Fleet Pressure Washing Tips

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Why should I use a pressure washer to wash my trailer?

Advantages of Pressure Washing in the Transportation Industry

On the road, a truck or bus not only represents the driver but is also a moving advertisement for the company. A clean vehicle sends out a message of quality and reliability. Dirt, debris and mud and salt in the winter not only look unattractive but also form pockets of corrosion that can damage the integrity of the unit.

Pressure washing trailers or buses regularly will increase the image of the company and extend the life of the vehicle.

If you add up what you are paying to wash your vehicle at a truck washing service, you may find that you can more than afford to buy your own pressure washing equipment.

How do I wash my truck or trailer with a pressure washer?

How to Pressure Wash your Truck or Trailer

If you are an owner-operator or if your company owns a fleet of commercial vehicles, it may turn out to be more cost effective to buy your own pressure washer instead of paying to wash a vehicle each time.

To wash a large trailer you will need power washing equipment of 2000 psi or more. Truck power washing is a big task, but heavy-duty pressure washing units will make the job quick and efficient.

Use a good quality pressure washer cleaner. First spray the whole trailer and then go back and work in sections, first with soap and then rinsing with water. For areas that are heavy with grease or oil you can use a degreaser and let it presoak before starting. Work from top to bottom and rinse generously with fresh water when you are done.

What cleaning solution should I use to pressure wash my truck?

Choosing a Pressure Washing Chemical to Clean your Truck

Washing a truck with a pressure washer is much easier than the hand scrub alternative. Easier still is the combination of the pressure with the appropriate power washing chemicals.

A good cleaner like Super Film Remover is excellent for this type of job. It is not only inexpensive but will also result in a better-looking and more durable job. Let the cleaner do the job for you.

Soap a section and let it sit for a five or eight minutes (don't let it dry or it might streak). For grease covered areas under the hood and under the truck you can presoak with a degreaser and then proceed with the normal pressure washing procedure.

What attachments should I use to pressure wash my truck?

Useful Pressure Washing Attachments to Clean your Truck

When using a pressure washer on a big truck there are two helpful tools that will make the job much easier on you.

The first pressure washer attachment to consider is a telescoping wand extension. It is not advisable to work on a ladder since the kick of the pressure can knock you down, so the extension wand is priceless and can reach up to 24 feet in height. These extensions come with a trigger gun.

To clean in awkward areas and underneath the truck without crouching down, a useful attachment is a flex tubing extension that can bend up to a 90-degree angle.

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