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Pressure Washer Chemicals Tips

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My pressure washer cleaning chemicals aren't dissolving fast enough. Help!

Mixing Pressure Washer Chemicals

Before starting a pressure washer job, give your water-soluble pressure washer chemicals enough time to completely dissolve before starting the chemical injector. If the chemicals are dissolving fast enough, you may be able to dissolve the pressure washer chemical in warm water, depending on the chemicals you're using. When using this technique, be sure to let the mixture cool to at least 100 degrees (or lower if your hoses aren't rated for those temperatures) before starting the pressure washer chemical injector.

Is the pH of most pressure washer detergents enough to burn my skin?

Pressure Washer Chmicals and Skin Damage

Do you know the pH factor of your pressure washer chemicals? pH is the standard of measurement for the acidity and alkalinity of substances. The pH of human skin is measured at about five, water is near seven, and the pH of most pressure washer chemicals is 11 or higher. Unprotected exposure to pressure washer chemicals with a pH of 12 or above can damage your skin. Always wear gloves when working with pressure washer detergents to protect yourself. Remember, it's not just your hands that need protecting. If your ungloved hands are contaminated with detergents and you rub your eyes, they can be injured as well.

Are there non-chemical water softeners?

Non-Chemical Water Softening

Hard water makes pressure washer chemicals less effective, and the mineral build up can shorten the life of your pressure washer chemical injector. Commercial water softeners create brine waste, and in many locations there are large fines if you dispose of the waste improperly. Need an alternative to chemical water softeners? Electronic descalers work through two electro-magnetic coils wrapped around your water pipes. This process changes the adhesion properties of the lime scale on a molecular level, so you don't have a constant battle with build up in your pressure washer chemical injector, and your pressure washer chemicals will work properly. However, no substances are added or removed, so there is no resulting waste. Electronic descalers should be installed at the mains cold water supply pipe. They are suitable for residential and small industrial size settings.

Can I use two different chemicals in my chemical injector at the same time?

Injecting Two Chemicals at the Same Time

If you have a cleaning job that requires the use of more than one chemical during the process, don't make the mistake of combining two chemicals in the solution tank of a pressure washer. It can produce a chemical reaction and damage the pressure washer chemical injector, or even worse cause an explosion and injury. If you need to use two or more chemicals during the same cleaning job, install a separate pressure washer chemical injector for each chemical, set them up in a series, and then activate using a remote injection kit. A remote injection kit gives you the ability to program and electronically activate the injectors in sequence without having to manually adjust hoses, attachments, etc.

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