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Non-Chemical Water Softening

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Are there non-chemical water softeners?

Non-Chemical Water Softening

Hard water makes pressure washer chemicals less effective, and the mineral build up can shorten the life of your pressure washer chemical injector. Commercial water softeners create brine waste, and in many locations there are large fines if you dispose of the waste improperly. Need an alternative to chemical water softeners? Electronic descalers work through two electro-magnetic coils wrapped around your water pipes. This process changes the adhesion properties of the lime scale on a molecular level, so you don't have a constant battle with build up in your pressure washer chemical injector, and your pressure washer chemicals will work properly. However, no substances are added or removed, so there is no resulting waste. Electronic descalers should be installed at the mains cold water supply pipe. They are suitable for residential and small industrial size settings.



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