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Getting the Right Cold Water Pressure Washer

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How do I decide the best model of cold water pressure washer for me?

Getting the Right Cold Water Pressure Washer

With the number of models on the market, it can be difficult to select the right cold water pressure washer to suit your needs. To make your purchasing decision a little easier, follow these guidelines:

• Consider what you will be using the washer for. Cold water pressure washers are suitable for anything from clearing soiled areas to stripping paint.
• Decide where you will be using your unit. Many cold water pressure washers will come with wheels if portability is a problem. In indoor applications, you can use an electrical model for light to heavy duty cleaning jobs. For increased mobility, use a gasoline powered model that is suited for large areas without electrical access.
• Consider the length of time your cold water pressure washer will be in use. For limited usage, a less expensive model with will be sufficient for your needs. For frequent cleaning, you should select a commercial grade model that will sustain hours of use.



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