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How to Pressure Wash a Swimming Pool

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How do I pressure wash a swimming pool?

How to Pressure Wash a Swimming Pool

After the winter season, particularly if the winterization was not entirely effective, a swimming pool develops algae that turn the water into a “black pit”.

A pressure washer combined with the appropriate pressure washing cleaning solution is a great aid to remove the algae and other grime from the bottom and sides of the pool to return it to its usable condition.

To really do this the right way, you should use a pressure washer while you are emptying the pool at the end of the season because and then cover the pool with a tarp or appropriate pool cover.

When you are ready to re-open the pool, remove any lose items around the edges such as planters or ornaments or any debris that could become projectiles when pushed by the pressurized jet.

Pressure wash the pool using an extension wand and perhaps some brushes for any hard to remove dirt. Rinse the pool thoroughly with plenty of water before refilling.



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