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How to Pressure Wash Masonry

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How do I pressure wash masonry?

How to Pressure Wash Masonry

Cleaning masonry with a power washer can be a great time saver in a new construction clean up job. Remember the following tips when you are cleaning masonry and you'll be safe, while you do a great job.

1. Always follow the manufacturers instructions for operation and safety of the equipment.
2. Wear eye protection and appropriate clothing.
3. If you are working on a ladder or scaffold, take precautions to have a firm hold to counteract the back kick of the jet, and work in small areas, about 25 to 40 square feet at a time.
4. If available, a lift is recommended since it provides a safe enclosure and allows you to work the pressure washing equipment on larger areas.
5. Test a small area before starting and work from the bottom up, allowing a few minutes for the pressure washing chemicals to react.
6. Don't let the solution dry on the surface and rinse thoroughly from top to bottom.



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