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Winter Maintenance

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How do you maintain your washer during the winter?

Winter Maintenance

A must have accessory for anyone with a pressure washer that lives in and area with cold winters is the Winterize Package. This package contains the following items:

  • 1 quart pump oil
  • 1 - 6oz pump antifreeze solution
  • 2 packets Fuel Stabilizer Plus
The pump oil is specially formulated to combat rust and oxidation. It is recommended that it be changed after the first 50 hours of use and then roughly once every three months. It is only meant for use in pumps and not the engine itself.

The antifreeze is obviously used so your pressure washer does not turn into an ice box over the winter. The Fuel Stabilizer Plus keeps gasoline fresh and usable for up to 24 months. So if you have left over fuel that you won't be using for several months you do not have to dispose of it. It will be there waiting for you when you are ready.

This Winterize Package is an easy and efficient way of keeping up with maintenance during those cold winter months. Cleaning heads and other pressure washer attachments can be found at



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