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Using A Turbo Nozzle

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What is a turbo nozzle good for?

Using A Turbo Nozzle

A turbo nozzle is a pressure washer attachment that focuses a tightly concentrated blast of water in the target area. The turbo nozzle should be considered an add-on to your pressure washer arsenal rather than the main tool as this pressure washer accessory is more fragile than other nozzles, and tends to wear out faster. A good application for a turbo nozzle? Cleaning driveways where weeds and sand are trapped in cracks in the pavement. If you plan on filling those cracks and repairing the surface, a turbo nozzle is an excellent tool to prep the driveway. Blast away the sand and plant debris, and the surface is ready for work. Once the turbo nozzle has done the job, you may discover the cracks in the pavement are larger than you first estimated! As with any pressure washer attachment, make sure the turbo nozzle is rated for your size pressure washer. Some turbo nozzles are designed for nozzle holder, but others are made for lance-style attachments. Know before you buy.



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