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Vertical Coil Hot Water Pressure Washers

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I'm a first-time hot water power washer buyer. Should I get a unit with vertical coils?

Vertical Coil Hot Water Pressure Washers

If you are looking for a hot water pressure washer, ask if it has vertical or horizontal heating coils. Vertical coils are usually found on lower cost hot power washers. If you are new to hot pressure washers, the long term value of a horizontal coil hot water pressure washer can outweigh the initial cost. Vertical coils can be problematic for those new to hot water pressure washers. When it rains, vertical coil hot pressure washers trap water at the base of the coil next to the burner. This can cause rusting and related complications. The burners are closer to the ground in a vertical coil hot water pressure washer, making it easier for them to be damaged under the wrong circumstances. Vertical coil hot water pressure washers also have problems with sagging coil insulation and clogged burners from dripping soot. These situations are less of a hassle for experienced hot water power washer users who can do preventive maintenance to fix these problems. Consider hot pressure washers with horizontal coils for a first-time pressure washer buy.



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