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Which Hot Water Power Washer Is Right For My Job?

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Which hot water power washer is right for my operation?

Which Hot Water Power Washer Is Right For My Job?

Hot pressure washers have so many applications that you may require different power for different jobs. Those in the market for hot water pressure washers should make "task-specific" purchases. Outdoor tasks for hot water pressure washers may require forklift support, and some jobs are better done with trailer-mounted models, especially "extended use" tasks. Smaller jobs won't require as much power, some jobs may require hotter water temperatures, and some will demand portability. Make a list of your washing needs before searching for a hot water power washer.

An electric hot water power washer is a good bet for indoor applications, as they are exhaust-free and there are no worries over carbon monoxide. Shop for an "electric-electric" model that has both an electric motor and electric hot water heating. There are a wide range of combinations of other types including electric motors with diesel heating, gas motors with diesel heating, and combination units. If you choose a fuel-fired hot water power washer for indoor use, it's vital to follow the instructions regarding proper venting of your unit. Failure to do so puts you in a legally liable situation, and you may be in violation of a wide range of safety regulations.



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