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Using Hot Water Pressure Washers in Restaurant Contract Work

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What do I need for food service cleaning jobs?

Using Hot Water Pressure Washers in Restaurant Contract Work

Starting a cleaning business? A hot water pressure washer with a surface cleaner accessory such as a Whirl-A-Way is perfect for restaurant floor cleaning. Before deciding to bid for the job, remember to order the right pressure washer chemicals needed cut through grease. This kind of clean-up requires a product such as the Mach 1 Degreaser. Used with a hot power washer, this compound will cut through the grime, and it's rated for restaurant use. Be careful to choose cleaners that specifically say they are safe for food service use. Another important detail is using the right mixture of degreaser and water depending on the configuration of your hot water pressure washer. You may find a one part degreaser, two parts water combination to be very effective, depending on the amount of grease.



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