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Looking for a Quality Hot Water Pressure Washer

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How do I know if a hot water pressure washer is a quality product?

Looking for a Quality Hot Water Pressure Washer

If you're looking for a quality hot water pressure washer, make sure that the fuel and water tank, heat exchanger, and water pump are made to meet certain standards. Look for polyethylene construction in your fuel and water tank. Polyethylene does not rust and keeps the fuel pump from becoming contaminated. It's also an expandable material and won't leak fuel or water when the temperatures rise.

The heat exchanger should have stainless steel skins on the coil. This material means a rust free, durable product with a long shelf life. Also look for an upright burner for more efficient fuel consumption, translating into costs savings for your bottom line.

Your water pump should have large connecting rods. This feature translates into low load bearing force and increased durability. Also make sure the manufacturer of your pump is the same as the manufacturer of your pressure washer to maximize performance and quality control.



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