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How to Clean your Boat with a Pressure Washer

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How do I clean my boat with a pressure washer?

How to Clean your Boat with a Pressure Washer

Once you have followed the steps to prepare your boat, the pressure washing procedure is straightforward.

* Start from the top down and work in small areas about three to four feet wide.
* Hold the trigger gun perpendicular to the surface you are washing, and move the spray slowly. The ninety-degree angle is the best to get the most power out of your pressure washing equipment.
* The cleaning solution should not stay on more than five to ten minutes on the surface.
* For bigger boats or yachts is a good idea to work in sections, washing and rinsing before you go on to the next area.
* Pull the plugs out of your waterways to let the water drain out.
* If your boat does not have waterways you can use a squeegee or absorbent sponge.
* Let your boat dry.



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