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Pressure Washing Equipment Maintenance

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How do I care for my pressure washing equipment?

Pressure Washing Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance will make your pressure washer investment last longer, so treat this cleaner like your car or truck!

1. Follow your owner's manual to find out the best type of oil for your type of pressure washer, and oil regularly as recommended.
2. Always check that your nozzles are clean because a clogged nozzle can cause damage to the pump. Before cleaning the nozzle, disconnect the spray wand and make to turn off the pressure washer.
3. If you are using the power washing equipment in below freezing temperatures you can minimize the chances of damaging your pressure washer adding antifreeze.
4. Store your pressure washer in a dry well ventilated place away from open flames or sparks. If the storage place is unheated, winterize to avoid freezing.



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