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How to Pressure Wash your Gutters

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How do I clean my gutters with a pressure washer?

How to Pressure Wash your Gutters

After following the steps for preparation of the job, using your hot water pressure washer on your gutters is fairly simple.

Step 1: Wearing rubber gloves, pick up handfuls of debris and place then on the edge of the roofing shingles or tiles so that any drips will fall back into the gutter. Work by sections and transfer the debris into a plastic bag for disposal. The less debris left on the gutter, the better it will wash down into the drain so you won't have to do the same section over.
Step 2: Power wash the gutter and continue to the next section.
Step 3: Rinse everything with plenty of water, including the outside of the gutter because some grime always runs over.
Step 4: Check that the water is flowing freely and that there are no obstructions left in the gutter.



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