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Surge or Drop In Pressure

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What do you do about surging pressure or drop in pressure?

Surge or Drop In Pressure

If you experience constant surging or a drop in the pressure from your cold water pressure washer, it most likely has something to do with a blockage. This means that there is something partially blocking the spray coming from the nozzle, an obstruction in the hose, or possibly a damaged hose or valve.

Start by removing and inspecting the nozzle. Make sure it is clear and there is nothing present that might clog it and impede the flow of water. If the nozzle is worn it might be necessary to replace it. Check for soap or solvent build-up as well.

If all appears to be fine, move on to the hose. Check the inlet hose and filter to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced. Do the same for the discharge valves and valve spring. More than likely the problem you are having with the drop in pressure is due to a simple obstruction or worn nozzle or hose. If after cleaning and/or replacing these parts you still experience this problem, contact the manufacturer and ask them for assistance.



7/7/2009 11:30:21 AM
tommy said:

electrical motor is running but no water comes out nozzle


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