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Pressure Washer Safety

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What are some main safety precautions?

Pressure Washer Safety

When using a pressure washer there are several safety precautions that you should take for yourself and any others around you. First and foremost, never point the water stream at a human being. It uses extremely high pressures and can cause serious harm to someone.

You also want to avoid extended contact with any cleaning chemicals used by the power washer and your skin. It is not soap meant for humans, so immediately wash any part of your body that comes in contact with these chemicals by using the proper soap.

It is also important that you start the stream at a low pressure and a safe distance. You can then gradually adjust the intensity of the stream and the distance between you and the intended surface. If you stand too close with a high intensity spray, water and chemical cleaners can bounce back on you, potentially getting into your eyes and mouth. You could also be struck by any particles of the surface that break free under the intensity of the stream. When using a pressure washer for awning cleaning, make sure no one is standing under it or might come walking through the door and get sprayed. And eye shield is recommended at all times.

You will learn all of this, as well as general pump safety and more, when you read the owner's manual on how to use a pressure washer. Something everyone should do before operating one.



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I think that those are important tips on pressure washing. I have a pressure washing company,and I am trying to train my guy the right why. my main concern is to get all the information I can. I would like to see more tips for my safety meetings. Thanks


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