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Feel The Heat

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What are some things to be careful of with hot power washers?

Feel The Heat

Hot water power washers come with their own set of rules and guidelines. They are considered to be more effective as power washers since they can do all of the jobs of their cold water counterparts, plus tougher jobs that require a higher temperature. Be very careful when dealing with that higher temperature.

Always make sure that you know the water temperature. If you are not doing a job that requires hot water, be positive that the thermostat is turned off and the washer is using cold or ambient water. The last thing you want is to accidentally burn yourself or someone else. In fact, you should never point the stream at anyone under any circumstances. Take every precaution to minimize those mishaps.

Also, gas power washers get extremely hot. So watch out and avoid making contact with the body of the washer. When you are finished with your job, let the gas power washer cool down for a little bit before cleaning it and placing it back in storage.



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