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Hydrostatic Line Testers

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What is a hydrostatic line tester?

Hydrostatic Line Testers

Hydrostatic line testers are used to test pipes for any leaks or loss of integrity. Once a closed pipeline is established, water is pumped in and the pressure is set to see if there are any leaks or degradations. This immediately lets you know where the weak points in the pipes and plumbing system are so they can be addressed quickly to avoid future problems.

If you find yourself using a hydrostatic line tester in very small or enclosed spaces, or areas where there is an abundance of flammable materials in close proximity, a pneumatic hydrostatic test pump is the safest bet. This way you cannot ignite any sparks or flammable materials with an electric system. They are also very lightweight and easy to carry, making them the ideal line testers when portability is an important issue.

Most hydrostatic systems are built to be extremely durable and last for a long time. Because of the nature of their use, they are also designed to be resistant to most chemicals as well as rust. But that does not mean you should be anything less than thorough when cleaning and storing these systems. You should still keep them stored in clean spaces and avoid prolonged storage in extreme temperatures or moisture.



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