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Using Raw Acid For Graffiti Removal

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Is it safe to use raw acid on masonry?

Using Raw Acid For Graffiti Removal

Do not use undiluted acid followed by water blasting to remove graffiti . There was a time when raw acid, (usually muriatic acid), was the only thing available to clean masonry, but today, graffiti removal chemicals used with a chemical injector work much better when a sandblasting equipment is not advisable. Today's masonry is much different than the kind made in the 20th century, and pure, raw acid is no longer recommended for graffiti removal. In some cases you may need to resort to an acid solution for cleaning dark brick. One part acid to nine parts water is a good place to start if you must use an acid-based solution. When mixing, pour acid into the water rather than pouring water into acid. This reduces the potential of being splashed with the acid.



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