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Should I Use A Sewer Jetter Or Chemical Drain Cleaner?

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Should I use a sewer jetter or chemical drain cleaner?

Should I Use A Sewer Jetter Or Chemical Drain Cleaner?

Cleaning clogged drains isn't as easy as dumping a chemical drain cleaner down and waiting. Did you know that there are separate waste removal lines that feed into a larger main line carrying waste water away from your house into the sewer system? Residences have a "soil line" which carries kitchen sink and toilet waste to the main line. They are also equipped with a "waste line" which handles showers and bathroom sinks. This means there are two opportunities for clogs before the main line, which itself can be clogged. Part of sewer drain cleaning is discovering what part of your system has the problem.

No matter where your system is clogged, experts say you should never use a chemical drain cleaner to fix a "total blockage". You'll need the aid of a sewer jetter, which blasts away the blockage and restores the pipes to a more pristine condition. After using a sewer jetter, it's a good idea to test the integrity of your sewer systems using a hydrostatic line tester. If there are existing leaks in the pipe system sealed up by debris, that temporary seal was washed away by the sewer jetter. The hydrostatic line tester will help you identify such leaks so you can repair and prevent further damage.



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