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It's In the Timing

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How long should I leave on the detergent when I'm pressure washing my deck?

It's In the Timing

How long you leave the detergent on when you're pressure washing your deck does matter. Once you've sprayed on the detergent, leave it on for five to 10 minutes to allow the cleaning agents to do their job. In order to ensure effective cleaning, do not allow the detergent to dry. Wet repeatedly as necessary until you are prepared to rinse off the cleaner.



7/18/2008 6:13:04 AM
PRO said:

To clean the deck the right way you will need another 20-30 tips and experience. I saw so many decks damaged by homeowner. REMEMBER that even best power washer and the best chemicals can't clean or restore your deck by itself - you are doing it and you need to have experience to do it right. You are the most important link in the whole process . So if there are ANY doubts , hire someone. Good luck to DIY


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