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Is Your Current Vacuum Safe?

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Should I replace my old vacuum with a water vacuum?

Is Your Current Vacuum Safe?

Vacuums are supposed to do a specific job--pick up dirt and dust particles and store them in a bag for disposal, removing them from the air and surfaces in the home. An old vacuum may actually be putting the same particles back into the air circulation! If you are considering switching from an old, tired out vacuum cleaner to one of the water vacuums, there are a few questions to ask yourself which could cinch the deal; how old is my current vacuum? Am I coughing or wheezing after vacuuming with the old machine? Would a water vacuum help my current allergy/asthma/dust-n-dirt issues? If your current machine is failing you, consider a water vacuum with a hepa filter on the exhaust end. Your in-home air quality could improve overnight.



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