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Down and Dirty: Sewer Jetters

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What is a sewer jetter?

Down and Dirty: Sewer Jetters

As the saying goes, excrement occurs, and when it does, it's gotta be flushed. That's where power washer sewer jetters come in. They typically produce pressures ranging from 2500 PSI to 4000 PSI, with high water flow rated to flush away debris of all kinds. Their high thrust capabilities are just what the doctor ordered for pulling the jetting hose long distances. All nozzles are custom drilled based on pump's flow and pressure specifications to do a first-rate cleaning job. These powerful drain jetters are perfect for using a power washer in removing soap scum residue, grease, hair and food blockages in drains as well as for maintaining and cleaning product conveyance lines. They are also great for cutting roots, removing mineral deposits and corrosion, industrial pipe and tube cleaning. Because they are portable and easy to use, these power washers are an excellent choice for scheduled drain cleanings as part of a preventive maintenance program.



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