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Waxing After Power Washing

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Should I use a wax after cleaning a house?

Waxing After Power Washing

To wax, post cleaning, or not to wax, that is the question. The waxing decision should be left up to the customer, but you ought to explain what the benefits of waxing are. Just in case, you are hazy about those benefits, here they are: Waxing helps to keep the surface clean for a longer period between washes -It can also make the surface more resistant to mildew and algae reformation. In the end, the homeowner has a sharper looking house for a longer time, which could also mean they save some money. Waxes are dirt cheap (comparatively speaking), and are easy to apply. As for applying the wax, some techniques will include the wax in the cleaner provided it can stand up to the solution. You'll get the best results, however, by applying the wax after the house has been cleaned and rinsed. The benefit for you, the operator, is that you make more money by up-selling this service. What's more, the house will be a lot easier to clean the second time around.



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