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X Jet M-5

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What are X-Jet or the M-5 used for?

X Jet M-5

When you need to clean high up and without using an extension pole on your pressure washer, the X-Jet is the attachment for you. You can stick these high pressure injectors to the end of a gun lance, and you're ready to clean boldly where no low pressure washing system has dared to go. One of the great things about an X-Jet is that it saves time -- and wear and tear -- on you, the operator. Because the injection process is at the operator end, you don't have to keep walking back and forth from the pressure washer to connect and/or disconnect the solution injection line to the injector. The X-Jet is the original injector, and comes with a short range tip for close-up work. The M-5 is a variation on the original X-Jet and features a variable nozzle that allows you to change patterns without stopping as your move closer to, or farther away, from a surface.



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