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Surface Cleaners Clean Up

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Are surface cleaners faster than standard wands?

Surface Cleaners Clean Up

Flat surface cleaners can do the job of a standard wand in a fraction of the time. According to, a 400 sq. ft. driveway took about 80 minutes to finish with a standard wand. The same job took 10 minutes with a flat surface cleaner.

Pressure washer surface cleaners are lightweight and easy to manipulate and use the same amount of water as standard washer wands do. Surface cleaners have few moving parts so there is a decreased likelihood of a breakdown, and they require the use of less physical energy from you than is required to operate other components.

These surface cleaners are ideal choices for when you need to cover a lot of ground with your pressure washer. Jobs like large parking lots, marinas, driveways, loading docks, basketball and tennis courts and more could all benefit from their use. They can remove dirt up to 15 times faster than a standard wand.

If you have a big job and you are trying to remove paint, say from a car or boat, then you would want to go with water blasting. Unless you have training with these machines, this is something that you will likely need to hire a professional for. Since water blasters can reach upward of 40,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) improper use could result in serious injuries.

So if you want to cover a large area in as little time possible and still be thorough and effective, surface cleaners are the logical choice. You can get the same amount of work done in far less time and expend next to no energy to do it. For paint removal jobs too big for normal cleaners, water blasters would be the way to go.



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