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Pressure Washers And Electricity

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Are there electrocution hazards associated with my power washer?

Pressure Washers And Electricity

It seems obvious to some, but many people forget that using a pressure washer puts the operator in harm's way when working too close to power lines, electrical outlets and other sources of electricity. Just as a kite can be dangerous when too close to power lines, the length of a power washer's spray can be a potential electrocution hazard. The main danger? Letting the water "arc" from the cleaning area into thin air. If the stream of water connects with an electricity source, electrocution can be the result. Many power washers are "double insulated" which may prevent you from harm, but the now-wet electricity source still poses a danger to others. When operating your pressure washer, do not let the spray wander off the surface you are cleaning. Be aware of the location of any power lines, fuse boxes, or generators in the vicinity. You may avoid personal injury, but careless use of a power washer can result in a blackout, electrical fire or other serious consequences.



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