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Power Washer Distances

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How do I judge the right distance for power washer spray?

Power Washer Distances

Some people are hesitant to use power washers, usually because they have seen a deck or wall surface ruined by improper use of the washer. These surfaces can be destroyed when the operator holds the washer far too close to the area being cleaned. It's important to get familiar with the power washer by beginning with the spray far away from the surface and gradually finding the right distance for cleaning. Holding the spray too close (inches instead of feet away) not only destroys the surface being cleaned, it is also an eye hazard. You should not see pieces of your deck or wall flying away during the cleaning process. Holding the spray too close to the surface also creates a hazard if the water deflects from the wall or deck into your eyes. Tell your vendor exactly what you plan to use the power washer for and get some advice before purchasing.



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