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Power Washer Safety 101

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What safety issues are connected with pressure washer use?

Power Washer Safety 101

Pressure washers are, by definition, what health and safety inspectors call a potential "eye hazard." Most people don't view pressure washer safety in terms of eye protection, but any pressurized spray is capable of damaging the eyes of and operator or bystanders. Power washer safety should include a check of all connections and fittings to prevent water discharge from a loose fitting or poorly connected power washer hose. Using a pressure washer is the same as any other gear that has a wand, nozzle, or barrel. Aim the nozzle to the ground when it's not in use, and be sure to stand at a safe distance when applying the spray, especially when using a power washer on wood, concrete, or other surfaces which can dislodge during cleaning. An old section of concrete or stone facade may have hidden stress fractures that allow chunks to become airborne during the wash. Older wood (especially veneers and laminates) can easily splinter even under more gentle pressure washer settings. Eye protection is always a good bet when operating a power washer.



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