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Pressure Washing a Stable Block

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How do I prepare a stable for a sanitizing?

Pressure Washing a Stable Block

Let's face it, horses create a lot of organic material. Over time stuff piles up creating health problems for both humans and animals. Dung and refuse contain high levels of contamination and are a major source of infection.

High levels of soiling will also reduce the efficacy of the cleaning and disinfection process. Sooner or later, the whole joint has to be be cleaned from stem to stern.

* The first steps involve clearing the place out, so there is nothing left but open space.
* Remove feeders, drinkers, buckets etc. from the area to be disinfected and put to one side for cleaning and sanitizing.
* Remove all dung, soiled bedding and unused feed from the area to be cleaned using brushes, forks and spades. Dust can be vacuumed from ledges.
* Dispose of all dung and soiled bedding by burial, incineration or transport from the site.



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