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Where to Obtain Information on Starting a Power Washing Business

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Where do I go to obtain information on starting a pressure washing business?

Where to Obtain Information on Starting a Power Washing Business

In order to be better equipped for success in your brand new pressure washing business, you need to be well informed and well trained in every aspect of the operation. There are several sources of information that you may find useful.

1. First of all, talk to other business owners in your area and become familiar with the market.
2. Talk to other operators of pressure washing businesses and to your future power washing equipment suppliers and power washing chemicals.
3. Go to your local Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Association to obtain information on business management and operation, taxes, legal issues, marketing and advertising.
4. Consult industry associations for information on market trends and environmental regulations pertaining to the power washing industry.

There are a variety of books, CD-ROMs and industry periodicals that can also help you identify potential pitfalls and potential sources of revenue that you may be overlooking.



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